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Sandvik Coromant Capto Quick Change System

Coromant Capto is a modular, universal tooling system that delivers flexibility and a substantial reduction of tool inventory for all metalcutting operations. The quick change system is much faster than interrupting the cycle to change the cutting edge inside the machine. The increase in cutting time that is achieved with Coromant Capto means making more parts. Simply switching from conventional shank to the quick change system can result in a 25 percent increase.

Sandvik Coromant Capto Three Methods of Clamping

Sandvik Coromant Capto Three Methods of Clampling.
Three ways to clamp any tools with Sandvik Coromant Capto coupling.

Spindle Forces with Sandvik Coromant Capto System

Coromant Capto is an ISO Standard coupling system with a 1.4-degree tapered polygon shank design, which is self locking. Coromant Capto's simultaneous face and taper contact makes it strong in all applications: milling, drilling and turning. Its modular design and range of connections and sizes provides unlimited solutions for all spindle interfaces.

CribMaster ProStock™ - Small Footprint, High Capacity Storage

With the high-security dispensing of the ProStock, you can manage the distribution of hundreds of items at the point of use all within a very small footprint. Carousel dispensing provides the flexibility to issue one or multiple items while eliminating the unproductive time of walking to and from a tool crib. The pie-shaped sections of the carousel allow for easy configuration of multiple-sized items such as safety supplies, cutting tools, gauges, and batteries. Paired with CribMaster software, the ProStock reduces stock outs, lowers costs, and controls inventory consumption. With this system come all the robust features of CribMaster and the ability to share detailed information with your workforce automatically.

CribMaster ToolBox™ - Secure Storage, Flexible Dispensing

The CribMaster ToolBox, the foundation of all of CribMaster's traditional vending solutions, provides sustainable point-of-use dispensing to help you manage and control cutting tools, MRO, PPE, consumable items, or any type of indirect material. The flexible layout allows for an array of products that can be dispensed. Driven by CribMaster software, this high-security device allows your operation to run smoother, reduce waste, lower costs, and increase productivity. With this system comes all the robust features of CribMaster and the ability to share detailed information with your workforce automatically.